So it turns out “removal service” means something totally different in the funeral industry……oops

I’ve had a crazy pants learning experience I’d like to share with you.


If you’re reading this blog for the first time and don’t know what Connect and Haul is, it’s a service I created to help connect home and business owners with great local and reputable removal/hauling services.


In my industry, people use removal services when they need scrap, trash, or anything hauled away from their homes or businesses.


For example, a home owner can use C&H when s/he needs a washer and dryer hauled out of a basement.


Businesses can use C&H when they’re doing a remodel and have a bunch of leftover scrap, trash, and reusable desks they no longer need.


Where it has really helped people, though, is when someone needs to clean out a recently deceased loved one’s house. They’re already feeling overwhelmed with funeral costs, and don’t even know where to begin with cleaning out an entire estate.


Connect and Haul has been REALLY beneficial in these cases. It has paired people with great local haulers who treat them with respect and don’t charge them an arm and a leg to do the job.


[Side note: if you’re in any of the above situations or something similar, post a job on Connect and Haul’s website and you’ll quickly get multiple quotes.]


So this past week, I decide to contact a number of funeral homes to let them know about C&H so they can refer people to it when they need it.


After sending about five emails, I came across a website that didn’t have an email address. So I called them.


Wow, I’m glad I did!


Me: Hi, my name is Mike. I created a service to help connect people with great local removal services for when they need to have anything hauled away from their house.




Me: Like, an old washer and dryer in a basement or for cleaning out an entire house.


Receptionist: OH! You mean for hauling away appliances and stuff. Yeah, removal service means something TOTALLY different in the funeral industry.


Me: Oh! Really?? What does it mean?


Receptionist: Removal services are the companies that will move the deceased person’s body from the hospital or place of death to the burial site or crematory.


Me: …Ohhhhh…whoops. My goodness, that’s wayyyy different from what I’m doing. Wow, thanks for the heads up!!


Receptionist: No problem!


The rest of the conversation went very smoothly.


In the meantime, I had just written about five emails to different funeral homes, telling them that I have an awesome new service that connects people to removal services. 😮


Yikes, time to back track!


What’s the Takeaway


You’re always going to make mistakes and encounter setbacks. It reminds me of a quote I love.


“Experience is not what happens to you; it’s what you do with what happens to you.”

— Aldous Huxley


Luckily, this was something minor that ended up being a quick learning experience. I’m sure there will be plenty more of them down the road.


Still, it’s all in how you react to what happens to you; how you learn from experiences and move forward.


I want to hear from you. Tell me something that happened to you recently that could easily feel like a setback, but that you turned into a learning experience and grew from.


Stayin’ Alive,


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