Small change, big impact


[Highlight any text you like in this blog post to share it!]   Here’s something small I recently changed that’s had a big impact while approaching potential customers with my product.   Until this week, the annual fee to be a member hauler on Connect and Haul ($185 / year) included a profile page and the ability to receive […]

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Here’s what happened when I asked for 10% off a coffee at Starbucks…


One of the first exercises in Noah Kagan’s business course is The Coffee Challenge. I did this awhile ago, but want to share it with you now!   The objective is to walk into a coffee shop and ask for 10% off your order.   You may be thinking, Whatever Mike, that’s easy, piece of cake!   It’s different when you’re […]

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So it turns out “removal service” means something totally different in the funeral industry……oops


I’ve had a crazy pants learning experience I’d like to share with you.   If you’re reading this blog for the first time and don’t know what Connect and Haul is, it’s a service I created to help connect home and business owners with great local and reputable removal/hauling services.   In my industry, people use […]

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Craig Mitchell Smith brought an orange tree into his house……and this happened


  This is my buddy, Craig Mitchell Smith.     Craig is a ridiculously amazing glass artist. His artwork has been featured everywhere. Here’s some of his greatness at work.         You can see more of Craig’s awesomeness on his website or Facebook page. The above is a mere glimpse of his […]

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An Unexpected and Life-Changing Entrepreneurial Journey


An Unexpected and Life-Changing Entrepreneurial Journey So why did I begin this exciting little project? And how? What is a removal service? Why are they so massively important anyway? Glad you asked! I’ll break this down into five sections. Not as interested in learning about me? Feel free to skip around. I won’t hold it against you. 🙂 A […]

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