LegalZoom has helped me streamline boring and intimidating stuff

Lately I’ve been focusing on filling out the necessary forms to create Connect and Haul, LLC.


It’s hard to feel like you’re making progress when doing boring and intimidating stuff.


Seriously, the amount of crap you have to go through to start a business (at least in Michigan) is mind-numbing.


From obtaining a federal EIN, to registering with the state of Michigan, to figuring out whether or not registering for Michigan taxes even applies to me, I’ve felt rather unproductive through it all.


This is where people who know me may get a little confused. People may assume I already know how to do this stuff since I also work for my family’s business.


I really don’t…or didn’t, until now.


Every industry has different guidelines. My family’s business is in the scrap-processing industry. This is somewhat related the junk removal industry in that junk removal companies are examples of customers who bring us their scrap material for recycling.


But technically, Connect and Haul isn’t in the junk removal industry. It’s in the tech industry.


So when forming the LLC, I decided to use If I hadn’t, I’d have been completely lost. (No, LegalZoom didn’t pay me to type that, but they should!)


I’d heard great things about LegalZoom through multiple sources and mentors, one, for how easy it is to work with them, and two, because of how reasonable their pricing is.


To be clear, LegalZoom is not a law firm. However, they’ve found a way to streamline the form submission process for startup businesses, and can also connect you with great lawyers for when you do need legal advice.


LegalZoom finds all of the forms you need to fill out and/or licenses you need to obtain depending on your location and what type of industry your business is in. While helping you fill out the forms, they submit electronically whatever possible, and mail you the forms you need to sign and send via snail mail (with pre-addressed envelopes).


All of this only cost me around $650. This is a HUGE amount of savings for a startup, since this type of service can cost thousands of dollars otherwise.


I don’t mean this as a knock on using a single local attorney, by any means. There’s definitely a time and a place to build in-person relationships with attorneys as you grow.


Really, my point goes back to validating your business idea before spending a ton of money on it.


I’ve made that mistake before. I spent over $1,500 on creating Mike Bass Music, LLC. so I could sell The Moon Through My Window album, before I had even validated the project. Lesson learned!


So while getting this stuff done felt rather intimidating and boring, I’m glad LegalZoom has been able to help streamline it, and do so at a great price.


I plan to try them for other legal advice in the future, so I’ll let you know how it goes!


For now, I look forward to focusing on building traffic to the Connect and Haul site again. 🙂




Tell me in the comments. Have you ever started a business? If so, how did you go about it?


Stay productive,



Ps – This blog is about my journey while growing my startup, Connect and Haul. It’s a free search engine to help people connect with great junk removal services near them. Need a washer and dryer hauled out of a basement? Need to liquidate a house? Give it shot by posting a job for free. 🙂


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