Great meeting with the Small Business Development Center this week!


[Disclaimer: For anyone reading this, please note that anything you discuss about your business with the SBDC is confidential; they won’t discuss it with any third parties. I just happen to be blogging about growing my business and don’t mind as much if people know the steps I’m taking. Also, the SBDC can’t give legal advice, […]

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LegalZoom has helped me streamline boring and intimidating stuff


Lately I’ve been focusing on filling out the necessary forms to create Connect and Haul, LLC.   It’s hard to feel like you’re making progress when doing boring and intimidating stuff.   Seriously, the amount of crap you have to go through to start a business (at least in Michigan) is mind-numbing.   From obtaining a federal EIN, […]

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3 things to try while spring-cleaning…


Are you feeling as pumped as this guy?     Good.   Here’s a few things to try as the time for spring-cleaning approaches.   (Can you guess what number 3 is? You can?? You beautiful little devil, you. 😉 )   1. The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo   When it comes to clearing out the […]

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How to validate that awesome business idea you have


How many times have you had an awesome idea for a business (that one you just “knew” everyone would want)?   Instead of testing it, you decide to take the plunge and spend money on building a website, perhaps hiring a developer, and even incorporating. After all, you need to look “official” if people are going to take you […]

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Do you feel as vulnerable as I do?


I think what we fear most from starting something new is vulnerability.   Starting a new business. Committing to a new workout routine. Exploring a new diet.   No matter the topic, the fear circles back to one thing; failure.   No one wants to explain to friends and acquaintances at a networking event why her awesome new business […]

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Small change, big impact


[Highlight any text you like in this blog post to share it!]   Here’s something small I recently changed that’s had a big impact while approaching potential customers with my product.   Until this week, the annual fee to be a member hauler on Connect and Haul ($185 / year) included a profile page and the ability to receive […]

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