3 things to try while spring-cleaning…

Are you feeling as pumped as this guy?


Now this guy looks determined.

Now that’s the look of determination…




Here’s a few things to try as the time for spring-cleaning approaches.


(Can you guess what number 3 is? You can?? You beautiful little devil, you. 😉 )


1. The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo


When it comes to clearing out the clutter, it’s worth taking a look at the mindset of Marie Kondo. Her book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, is a #1 New York Times best seller, and achieved Best Book of 2014 in Craft, Home & Garden on


Marie Kondo’s mindset is unique for a number of reasons.


She focuses on how tidying is really about the art of discarding, and only keeping things that spark joy.


Also, rather than focusing on tidying by location, Marie Kondo advocates prioritizing by topics. In other words, begin the tidying process with things you’re not as emotionally attached to, and then work your way to more sentimental items. For example, begin with clothing and go through old photos last.


My favorite part about the KonMari Method, as it’s called, is the philosophy of physically handling each item you own, and if it doesn’t spark joy, thank it for having a positive impact on your life when it was useful. Then, you can get rid of that old ripped t-shirt with a sense of gratitude.


The part about feeling gratitude toward a belonging may seem a bit odd on the outset, but from experience, I can tell you, it works, and makes the process of decluttering a LOT easier.


Which reminds me, the craziest thing about the KonMari Method is that I once dated a girl who lives her life exactly like this! I feel like I had a jump start with these principles before anyone else did. Learning to thank my belongings before getting rid of them helped me downsize years ago.


Before spring gets here, consider grabbing yourself of copy of Marie Kondo’s book. (no, I’m not getting paid for that link)


2. Did you know you can get paid to recycle your scrap material?


Despite my family’s scrap-processing company (Friedland Industries, Inc.) having a history on the same corner in Lansing, MI for 130 years, I still come across people who have no idea they can get paid to recycle their scrap material.


I’ll explain how, but first, a little background.


I blame the green movement. Too many people view recycling as this new thing, and assume it must cost them money to do it. The reality is that “recycling” things like metal, paper, plastic, and electronics is more about their values as scrap-commodities within a global market than it is about placing items in a curbside bin.


Scrap prices are based upon the global demand for scrap as raw materials to make new products. That means their values really start with you, the consumer. Ironically, having the need to buy a new washer and dryer is what makes your old set recyclable in the first place.


While the word recycling has been around since the 1980s or so, the concept of recycling — taking scrap iron, for example, and re-melting it into something new — has been around for a LONG time. Feast your eyes on this!


An ad my great grandfather, David Friedland, placed the Lansing State Journal on January 1, 1929.

This is an ad my great grandfather, David Friedland, placed in the Lansing State Journal on January 1, 1929. Dude was way ahead of his time.


Anyway, my point for this mini rant is that those old shelving units in your garage, that old washer and dryer in your basement, and those old brass plates you never use have value.


Some of your materials may even be worth getting appraised as antiques. If not, though, instead of throwing them away, you can take them to a scrap-processor and get paid for them based on their values as commodities.


If you haven’t tried taking material to a scrap-processor yet, give it a shot. As I write this, commodity prices are insanely low, so you may not get paid a ton for your scrap material (see what I did there…? 😀 ), but at least you won’t be charged for it. [The one caveat would be certain electronics like monitors, which are items scrap-processors usually need to charge for. If you have those, you may want to take them to a place like Best Buy to avoid getting charged.]


It’s easy. Just Google scrap recycling [your city] [your state] and look for the scrap-processor with the best reviews.


For example, here’s what happens when I Google scrap recycling lansing mi.


If you do decide to take your scrap material to a scrap-processor, let me know how your experience goes or if you need help finding the best company. Happy to help!


3. When you need a helping hand, use Connect and Haul


This is where I get to explain my business, Connect and Haul! Yay!


Okay, let’s say you can’t put the labor into clearing out the clutter in your basement…


Sure Mike, you might say, taking my old washer and dryer to a scrap-processor to get paid for it sounds great, but I can’t lift them! What the heck am I suppose to do then??


Fair enough, fair enough. I see your point.


That’s where Connect and Haul comes in.


With Connect and Haul, you can quickly find a junk removal service near you who you can hire to do the job.


And, Connect and Haul is FREE to use. Boomtown!


The cool thing about junk removal services is that they haul EVERYTHING, from scrap material, to re-usables like old desks they may be able to resell, to actual junk and trash.


Keep in mind, because they’re doing the labor for you, they do charge for their services. In many cases, though, it’s totally worth it.


Here’s how it works.


Go to On the homepage, you can either search for a junk removal service in your area, or you can post a job. I recommend posting a job. Here’s why…


When you post a job, your inquiry gets emailed out to ALL of the junk removal services on Connect and Haul in your area, who can then contact you with a quote. That way, you get more quotes, and you get them quickly.


Mike, this sounds awesome, you might say, but how do I know I’m getting a fair quote? I’ve been burned before.


I’m glad you asked.


I personally vet all of the junk removal services before they become members of Connect and Haul. I do this by conducting background checks and cross checking reviews they receive from various websites. That way, you can rest easy knowing that when you use Connect and Haul, you’re only choosing from the best of the best. (Here’s some testimonials from people who’ve used Connect and Haul before.)


So when you’re spring-cleaning this year and you need someone else to haul away your stuff, give Connect and Haul a shot.


Check out Connect and Haul now!


Stay decluttered,



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